#104: The Importance of Self Care for Teachers and Where to Begin

self-care Jul 21, 2022

The importance of self care for teachers is a given. We all understand we need to take care of ourselves. But...

Does self care in your regular teacher life seem like an impossible dream? It can. It is hard enough to do all the things every day as a teacher, and possibly as a mom to boot. Making time to take care of yourself might seem overwhelming in the midst of all the overwhelm, but it's essential. 

This episode is all about helping get started in making self care a HABIT and not just another thing on your list to remember.


In order to get started, I have some questions for you.

I'll give you a few of them here and you can get the full list when you listen to the episode.

  • What makes your day, any day, better?
  • What are the bright spots in your day?
  • Do you have any lulls in your day. You know, those moments when you fell totally done in?

***The ultimate goal is to help you stay on an even keel whether your day is going great or your day is falling apart around you.***

Listen in to the full episode to get the full list and to set up routines (and eventually habits) for:

  • your morning "ready for a great day" routine
  • your (very fast) midday recharge and reset 
  • your end of the school day routine
  • your bedtime routine

Listen to this episode for all the goodness [and don't forget to grab the FREE Habit Builder Guide here]. And check out the links to other teacher opportunities and help below. ⬇️ 


Teach joyfully,

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