#059: 5 Ways to Sabotage Your Students' Independence

classroom management Sep 02, 2021
Do you foster or sabotage your students' independence? We all do things without knowing or intending to in the midst of our busy teacher days. 


We're human. Mistakes are going to happen. And while we want our students to take on as much independence as they can, sometimes we hinder that very independence without knowing it.

Today's episode is all about...you guessed it, student independence!

I KNOW you want to be that teacher whose classroom runs like clockwork. You know the one...where students know just what to do and get on with it, for the most part, without discussion or argument. What teacher doesn't want that?! 

Well, there are 2 questions you have to ask yourself:

1. What are am I doing that might be hindering that?


2. How do I fix it so my students can be independent workers?

Listen in and find out. 

In this episode, find out: 
  • The best policies around assignments, deadlines, and late work.
  • What you should do about picking your battles.
  • If rewards are worth all the time and effort we put into them.
  • What overhelping looks like and why it hurts your students.
  • How self-advocacy creates independent students.

You can do this!

Teach joyfully,

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