#098: Reading Aloud - My 100 Book Literacy Strategy

teaching reading Jun 02, 2022

Reading aloud 100+ books a year to my students might sound daunting but think about this... Do you ever wonder how to build a love of reading or help students who are rarely read to catch up on background knowledge and vocabulary? How do we close the reading gap a bit? 

Well, this read aloud strategy can help even the playing field and help all your students make greater gains in literacy. The best part is, once you've chosen the books, it's simple and doable to implement.


Teaching reading is never as easy as its sounds. Every student comes to your classroom with a different experience with books and reading.

And...helping students become lovers of books, committed, skillful readers is even trickier. However, with the right modeling, instruction, and immersion in great books, we're able to create the conditions for a joyful experience with reading. That experience, when repeated often enough, opens students' hearts and minds to the possibilities reading offers.

Listen in to the full episode to find out:

  • 9 benefits students receive from my reading aloud 100+ books.
  • How to make read alouds happen in a busy schedule.
  • Why this doesn’t prevent you from going deep with books.
  • Ways to make sure students still get to hear books more than once.
  • How using picture books to teach across the curriculum makes this reading aloud strategy very doable.
  • How you can get help building that booklist.
  • And much more!

Listen to this episode for all the goodness [and don't forget to grab the FREE Mentor Text Booklists here]. Check out the links to MORE teacher resources below. ⬇️ 

Teach joyfully,

H.O.P.E. Education RESOURCES you're going to L️VE:

FREE Mentor Text Lists to help get you started building your booklist.

  • Letter Writing Mentor Text List
  • Booklist: Using Text Evidence
  • Mentor Texts for STEM
  • Making Predictions Mentor Text List
  • and more!

Get Help! Sign up for a coaching session to Build That Booklist.

2 Fabulous Children's Bookstores:
  • The Bookies [Colorado] This jewel of a bookstore looks like a hole in the wall in an ugly strip mall. It's tucked away so only the locals know it's there. It's not fancy inside but they have picture books to pair with just about anything in your curriculum.
  • The Book Loft [Florida] This indie bookstore has a children's section that is so lovely it's like walking into a dream! BONUS: Come in, sit awhile and you'll discover picture books you didn't even know existed!

Know an indie bookstore with a great children's section you L-O-V-E? I'm always looking for more. So, tell us all about it. [email protected]  

PLUS, check out ALL kinds of other free printables in the Vault.

Want more? You got it! ⬇️   

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 Teaching Summarizing

   Compare and Contrast Activities

  Teaching Poetry Activities

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