Easy Summer Science "Field" Kit

Every summer when my lids were little, they would head outdoors and investigate nature. So one summer, I made them a “field kit” and notebook. Oh my goodness! Was this ever a hit in the neighborhood!

Teachers, this idea can easily be adapted for summer homework or classroom use.

Planning for Planning Time

One of the hardest things to get done within the bounds of a busy school week is lesson planning. We all know it is so essential to have well-planned lessons. But, making time for all of this can sometimes seem overwhelming. 

Do you wind up planning late on Friday or over your weekends? Been there. There is a better way!

How to Move Your Writers Forward [Exponentially]

One of my commitments to myself each year is to read both professionally and for pleasure on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, I love to read. I just don't always have a lot of bandwidth left by the time I sit down with a book in the evening. [Translation: I'm falling asleep more than I'm reading.] That being the case, I have had to be creative to fit my reading time in. I keep a book with me most of the time. Whenever I have a few minutes of waiting time, I read. Some days I'm inching my way through my book and other days, I'm flying. [It beats falling asleep and rereading the same page over and over.]  😴

How Multi-tasking Killed My Productivity

This week I have been so exhausted [already], and I couldn't figure out why. I went to bed last night wondering what I was doing wrong. Then, it dawned on me. I was trying to do way too many things and accomplishing very little. Do you ever do that or is it just me?

My Heart Breaks Every Time...

I have to admit. I'm stressed. As I hear of yet another school shooting this week, I am also heartbroken. As a teacher who was just a few miles away when Columbine happened, it hits me hard every time another school shooting happens. It's hard to see an end to the tragedies. 

Gun reform alone is not enough. We are fighting for our kids hearts, minds and souls. 

8 Easy Ways to Stay on Top of Grading


When I first started teaching, I worked at a school where staying late was not an option. It simply wasn't safe. So, I used to lug home a bag or grading and planning every night. Most of the time I got to all of it and then rolled not bed. I wasn't married, had no kids and so my time was my own. Fast forward a few years.. add in a husband and a couple of kids and rarely did I complete all that I dragged home. Sound familiar?