#042: 5 Mom Mistakes I've Made That Also Apply to Our Classrooms

As a mom, I make mistakes every single day – big ones, small ones, and in-between ones. It’s unavoidable. 


The key is to reflect and learn from them so you don’t keep making the same ones all the time. That’s when you know you’re stuck.

Today's episode is all about mistakes. Seriously! We talk about mistakes, personal reflection, and how important they both are for our students and our own kids' growth. But... do we own our mistakes and consciously learn from them in the same way? It's so much harder to do than we think!

As a mom and an educator, I have to say taking the time to pause, reflect and learn from my mistakes is much harder than it should be. However, I have found that I not only quit making the same mistakes over and over when I do take the time to reflect, but I can dump of the mom/teacher guilt too. That might not be a win in your book, but it is in mine!

Today, I have 5 mom mistakes I've made that also apply to the classroom simply because it's all about being our best selves for the kids we care about. 

Listen in. 

In this episode, find out: 
  • The importance of asking WHY.
  • How taking a breath can help you interact with more intention.
  • What "white space" is and why you need it during your day.
  • Why kids need to have goals about who they want to be as a person.
  • What stretching kids' abilities and building REAL confidence look like.

Teach joyfully,

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