Hi, I'm Lisa.

I equip and empower elementary teachers with effective literacy planning for outstanding student growth and realistic, doable solutions to simplify and organize their busy teacher lives. My teacher clients teach with confidence, skill, and passion while leaving their work at work.

You deserve to teach joyfully every day and still have a life!

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Get (and Stay) Organized

This Back-to-School Planning Guide is your "be ready for anything" guide.


Effective Teaching

Improve your students' reading comprehension with these FREE graphic organizers.


Time Management

Give yourself evenings and weekends without planning and prepping with this Weekly Planning Guide.


Manage Your Class

Struggling with classroom management? You're not alone! Grab my Classroom Management Inventory.



Literacy Success Lab

Imagine having your language arts planned a month in advance, a calendar all organized at a glance, a list of all the skills and strategies you'll teach, a monthly mentor text list with ideas for books to pair, links to video read alouds for students to access and more. Sounds good, right?!

Isn't it time you said... Yes to less stress and overwhelm? Yes being able to teach with confidence knowing you'll teach your students to love reading and writing? Yes to training filled with do-able strategies and methods that actually work in real classrooms? NO to evenings and weekends spent planning, and yes to more time with your loved ones?

Well, say "hello" to Literacy Success Lab!


Instructional Coaching

Book a call to find out how I can help you become that confident, successful teacher who loves her job and still has a personal life!

"Lisa has an extraordinary ability to think outside of the box to solve some of the struggles classroom teachers face."

Katie Massey
First Grade Teacher

Classroom Management Bootcamp

Classroom Management Bootcamp is the only program of its kind that not only gives you EXACTLY what tools and strategies you need to manage your students like a pro, but HOW to implement them for maximum success.


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