#016: How Self Care is the Key to Not Just Surviving, but Thriving as a Teacher

self care Jul 16, 2020
What does it take to not just survive but to THRIVE as an educator?

Did you know 40% of teachers leave education in the first 5 years of entering the classroom. Why? Well… teaching is HARD! The To Do lists are endless, the time crunch all day is real and you are asked to do more every year. The bathroom breaks are almost non-existent some days, and the kids are what make it all worth it. In fact, you’d do just about anything for your students and often do even at your own expense. Which means by the middle of the year, you’re often surviving, not thriving.

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Here's a peek at what's inside this episode:
  • Why teacher self care is important for both you and your students.
  • The role your mindset plays in how you care for yourself or neglect yourself.
  • How to make time for self care on a regular basis when it just feels like one more thing to do.
  • Why you personal boundaries are important, how to define them and defend them.
  • ...
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11 Teacher Self Care Tips

self care self-care Dec 05, 2019
Self care is essential in a profession known for burnout. 
1. Use Your Sick/Personal Days

A mental health day is a justifiable sick day. Better to have a mental health day than to be sick for days because you wore yourself out. Look at the calendar and see when your longest stretches are without a break (no Monday off or other holiday). Make a note of possible days you would want to take off to give yourself a break and tentatively put them on your calendar.  Maybe plan a long weekend or take a random Wednesday off (my favorite).

2. No. Say it. Often.

NO is a powerful word. Don't be afraid to use it. You can always change your mind and say yes later (on rare occasions), but it's really hard to go back on a yes.

3. Do Not Disturb

Put a sign on your classroom door when you are working on planning or grading. You'll have less interruptions and have more focused work time.

Do not disturb your heart as well. Don't listen to negativity. Have a standard answer when...

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