#082: Why Teaching Letter Writing is Still Important

Do you remember the last time you got a real piece of mail? Not the junk mail that fills up the mailbox (not to mention the shredder), but real someone-put-a-stamp-on-an-envelope mail. Do you remember how exciting that is? Even if it's a birthday card, it means someone took the time to remember you. Letter writing isn't a lost art. Think about how important a well-crafted email is (there's another place that junks up quickly). Teaching students to communicate through writing is a timeless skill.

Today, I have some tips and resources to teach your students the art of letter writing.


Don't limit your students to just letter writing! They can practice writing cards, postcards, or party invitations. No, the recipients don't have to be real (my students love writing letters to my dog!) and that's a great opportunity to connect with book characters.

Resources mentioned:

Listen in to the full episode to find out:

  • The many, many, MANY opportunities students have to write letters
  • What mentor texts are great examples for letter writing
  • Why teaching students letter writing matters
  • Who is a great author to write to so you get a letter back
  • How to give your students real audiences for their letters

Listen to this episode for all the goodness [and don't forget to grab the free Letter Writing Mentor Text List].

 I can't wait for you to get started! 

H.O.P.E. Education RESOURCES you're going to L️VE:

Grab the freebie: Letter Writing Mentor Text List

Check out the FREEBIEs Vault here and grab the Valentine's Day Mentor Text List [with Pop-up Card Template] while you're there. Here's a video tutorial for the Valentine's Day card.

Want more? You got it! ⬇️                

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  Valentine's Day Literacy Activities

  Parent Email Template System


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