#076: January Back-to-School Success: How to Lay the Foundation

When heading back to school in January, it's easy to think that your students know what to do and can just jump right back in. You spent all that time at the beginning of the school year training your students in systems, routines, and all the rules and expectations for your class. Your students have it down, right?! Unfortunately, that is not the case. 


Getting our students back into the swing of things efficiently and effectively means we have to SLOW DOWN in order to go fast the rest of the year.

Slowing down can be so hard! We have so much to do and testing pressure is beginning in January as well. I know you're yelling at me (maybe just in your head) but take a breath and hear me out for just a minute.

Listen in.

Your students have had 2 weeks off with varying activities, sleep levels, routines, and schedules (or lack thereof).  those kiddos are not going to remember all the rules and expectations off the bat. Yes, all the routines you taught your students are embedded in those fabulous brains but we have to help our students recall or help them access their memories. If you don't, you'll pay the price in frustration for everyone.

So let's set you and your students up for success. 

Listen in to the full episode to find out:

  • How and what to plan for the first week of school in January.
  • Ways to slow down and still teach important content.
  • How to have fun activating students' memories and reestablishing your expectations. 
  • How to get started and move forward successfully through the end of the year.

Listen to this episode for all the goodness [and don't forget to grab the free January Back-to-School Plan].

Also, check out Episode #003: Time Management for Teachers: How to NOT Work ALL the Time for more help with planning and grading efficiently.

 I can't wait for you to get started!

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