#063: How to Harness the Power of Morning Meetings in Your Classroom

classroom management Sep 30, 2021
Do you hold Morning Meetings in your class or are you a morning meeting avoider?


While many of us hold morning meetings, many teachers feel the time spent is better used in teaching content. I get it. All teachers are pushed for teaching time. You grab every second we can get to squeeze in a little more learning, right?!

Holding morning meetings can feel like one more thing to do, one more thing to plan for when you're already feeling maxed out. They don't have to be complicated. Actually, morning meetings should have the same format each day, a structure. Once you have that setup, it stays in place. ✅You will change up some of the specifics, but simply create a schedule for the month and then it's done. Just take 10 minutes each month and plan the schedule. ✅ Want some ideas? Grab the Morning Meeting Planning Guide. 

There are lots of reasons to hold morning meetings both social and academic. I use morning meetings for lots of purposes and sometimes that changes with the class or grade I'm teaching. Here's a few ideas...Morning meetings can support your curriculum, give you a second to reinforce concepts, add in a little fun vocabulary practice, work on social skills, help students learn to speak and interact in the group and so much more. But the most important one is to solidify your class culture. You read that right, class culture. 

Listen in to find out more.

In this episode, find out: 
  • What are Morning Meetings and why are they important?
  • The 4 parts of a morning meeting.
  • What NOT to do in a morning meeting.
  • 6 questions to ask yourself as you plan your morning meeting.

You can do this!

Teach joyfully,

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