#075: Empowering Students with Self-Regulation and Coping Skills with Dr. Michael Gaskell

How do you empower your students to learn to cope better and to self-regulate? We're all dealing with different forms of stress and even trauma these days. Students often show their stress in their behavior at school, sabotaging themselves and disrupting others. So how do we move forward and help our students do the same?

We are imperfect teachers and we can't do everything by ourselves. I know that's not a shock. But, admitting there's a problem or even just asking for help is tough.  It is the first step though. As we all know, there's been a LOT of trauma for us and teachers and for our students [now more than ever]. 


We've heard the term "mastery" for years. It's a lofty goal. We expect it from our students but is it really doable all the time? What if we expected progress over mastery? Remarkably imperfect progress. 

Meet Dr. Michael Gaskell, a middle school principal, award-winning author, speaker, and principal mentor in New Jersey. He's a former special education teacher and assistant principal as well. He shared his research on trauma recovery strategies at the Learning and the Brain Conference in Boston this past November and is sharing it with us today. 

Dr. Gaskell's book Leading Schools Through Trauma is a must-read as we help students and school staff navigate trauma, including Covid-related trauma.

Listen in.

Michael shares his wealth of knowledge to assist teachers and school administrators in helping students (and themselves!) navigate their trauma and build resiliency. The best indicator of cycle-breaking? Post-traumatic growth. Here's the deal...even if our students are just 1% better than yesterday, that's a step in the right direction, isn't it? Additionally, that continued 1% better adds up over time to big gains.

Listen in to the full episode to find out:

  • The three-step process in recognizing trauma.
  • Why authentic, positive recognition is important (and why more positive recognition isn't better).
  • How to stack strategies to get the best results for your students.
  • What are the strategies you can "stack" together?
  • How to begin building your teacher toolbox of strategies.

Listen to this episode for all the goodness [and don't forget to grab Dr. Gaskell's free Stackable Interventions Guide ⤵️].

 I can't wait for you to get started!

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