#038: How Teaching Phonics Will Set Your Students Up for Long-term Reading Success

Does this sound familiar? "p--a--n.....p----an.....pan" Teaching phonics and decoding skills is one of the most debated topics in teaching reading. From my experience, I KNOW teaching phonics will set your students up for long-term reading success.


I could throw a ton of solid research at you, but I won't. Just know this...84% of our words in the English language follow predictable rules. And research done in 1983 confirmed that only 24% of our words can be predicted through context.

In case you haven't guessed...today's episode is all about phonics and how it can set your students up for success into their college years - long past their time with you. 

Listen in.

In this episode, find out: 
  • What is phonics and how is it different from phonemic awareness?
  • How good decoding skills using phonics sets kids apart in middle and high school. 
  • 5 tips for supporting students' phonological knowledge.

I can't wait to hear what you think!

Teach joyfully,

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You can listen to this episode HERE.

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