#064: How to Get Your Children's Book from Idea to Published with Lauren Ranalli

writing Oct 07, 2021
Do you have a children’s book idea rolling in your head? Have you ever considered acting on publishing it?


As teachers, I’m sure we all have books in each of us, but when we try and take that first step, we’re faced with the reality that we really aren’t sure where to start, or how that process works.

That’s why for this episode, I’ve invited Lauren Ranalli to come back and share with us the nitty-gritty details and realities of becoming a successful, self-published author. She dives right into the challenges she faced when she first started, and even shares details we never would have been able to prepare for without experience.

Lauren believes that no one should ever have to experience a difficult time trying to get their work out there, so she has graciously shared a few freebies to help kickstart your book-publishing journey!

If you’ve been feeling a book brewing in your mind, then take this episode as a sign; and make that dream come true!

 Listen in.  

Episode Highlights:

  • How to find time to write.
  • Why you need to show up to write even if it’s only 5 minutes.
  • When to invest in an editor and an illustrator.
  • What having other people read your book will accomplish.
  • How [and why] to talk and share about your book long before it’s done.
  • Invest in a website to add more value for your readers.
  • Why the children’s book space is big enough for everyone [even you].


Teach joyfully,

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You can listen to this episode HERE.

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