#027: My Essential Resources For Teaching Math In Person and Online

math teaching Oct 23, 2020


So let's chat about [COVID approved] essentials I provide my students with for math both at home and in person.

Manipulatives for math in at the elementary level are essential, in my opinion. Why? Well, brain research tells us that the more senses we can engage in learning something new the better we retain the learning. Manipulatives do this for our students.

In our online environment, we have access to online manipulatives. It's a great option many times. Students find them to be engaging and fun. There is a problem though. We lose the tactile and sensory experience along the way. That's a big loss! I try for a good mix of both online and physical activities for students. This takes advantage of the convenience and game like experience of online while still giving students the opportunity to experience and embed their learning deeper with physical manipulatives as well. Listen in here.

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