#094: End of the Year Activities: Poems for Two Voices

In this episode, I have end of the year activities for you using poetry. I know you already teach poetry. In fact, you probably did a bunch last month for National Poetry Month. So, your students are primed and ready for testing out and enjoying Poems for two Voices. Yup. You heard that right and it’s not as scary or complicated as it sounds.

Today, I have the skinny on engaging your students in a fun end-of-year activity – reading and writing poems for two voices. 


Writing poems for 2 voices is a fun activity for students that you can use to do some concept and content reviews as well.  #teacherwin

I'm sure you're wondering...what exactly are poems for two voices? Let me explain. Poems for two voices are poems written for two readers to read together. some of the parts are read at the same time and some of the parts are read taking turns. They're fun, engaging, and fascinating all...

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