#062: Email Overload: How to Take Control of Your Email Inbox

organization Sep 23, 2021
Is your email inbox full? Do you have emails in your inbox that are a month old or older? That's stressful!


If you look the other way, cringe when you open your inbox, or just avoid your email inbox as much as you can because of how many emails are in there, you have email overload. The good news [and bad news] is, you're not alone!

Having a full email inbox is not only stressful, but it's also inefficient and disorganized. A full inbox is actually one of the most socially acceptable ways to be disorganized. We joke about it. We laugh about it and commiserate over it. And sadly, we accept it as a fact of life when that shouldn't be the case. I'm willing to be that the full inbox is causing you a lot of stress [more than you realize]. We're basically failing at keeping up with our email communication. 

Listen in. 

In this episode, find out: 
  • Why your inbox is full.
  • How to empty that inbox in an hour or less.
  • How that full inbox REALLy affects you and your stress level.
  • How to get rid of the backlog without losing anything.
  • What to do to get back on track and empty your inbox every week.
  • A simple way to reduce the time you spend responding and communicating with parents without ignoring them.

We'd all rather have gold stars for our email performance than those pesky F's, right?! Well, you can! 

Let's fix this!

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You can listen to this episode HERE

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