#041: 7 Things You Might [unintentionally] Be Doing to Reinforce Poor Classroom Behavior

classroom management Apr 22, 2021
I’ve found that sometimes we’re making the classroom management problems worse without even knowing it! 


As hard as it is to admit that we're part of the classroom behavior problem in our own classrooms, it's often true. It is hard to look at ourselves and what we are doing and saying each day for lots of reasons. To begin with, life in the classroom is so very busy. There's just not a spare moment in our day most days. In addition, self-reflection can be HARD, especially when we are our own worst critics. 

I'm not asking you to beat yourself up. In fact, you better NOT beat yourself up over it. Just become more self-aware at the moment when things aren't going well. So with that thought... today I have 7 ways you MIGHT be [unintentionally] reinforcing poor classroom behavior. I promise they're easy to fix [and you're not alone in this]!

Listen in.

In this episode, find out:
  • 7 ways you might be sabotaging your own classroom management.
  • What you need to train your students to do better.
  • Why you need time to think before you speak with a student about misbehaviors.
  • How simple fixes can make all the difference.

Teach joyfully,

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You can listen to this episode here.

Here's the resources mentioned in the episode:

Power Phrase Worksheet: Plan your words, give yourself thinking time, and speak with intention.


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