Exponential Reading and Writing Growth for ALL Your Students

every year

without the overwhelm, hours of planning and differentiating woes.

If you’re a primary grade teacher or homeschooler looking to save time while helping your students achieve incredible reading and writing growth for grades K-2, then you already know that…. 

you need to have a vision for where your students need to be at the end of the year and plans that follow an intentional path toward those goals. 

You already know your students need to practice reading in order to become good readers.

You know your students need to be taught specific skills and strategies to become confident readers and writers.

And... you know your students must have direct instruction in what to do next in order to keep growing as readers and writers.

If you are nodding your head, you're in the right place to go from good results to great results.

By joining this monthly program,

you'll have…


  • Time to rest and recharge.

    A happy teacher is a good teacher. It's really hard to be 100% in the classroom when you're exhausted from all the planning. 
  • A roadmap for teaching literacy that flows from one month to the next.

    No more hoping you've hit all the right things. You can be confident that your students will move forward consistently in their literacy skills toward the big picture goal. 
  • Reduced your literacy planning overwhelm!

    Having the mentor texts laid out for you and the specific skills you'll teach is one less thing to figure out. 
  • Saved time and helped your students' learning stick with each month's mentor text list.

    Students dive deep into a text by looking at it from both a reader and a writer's perspective. This simplifies your instruction and makes learning really stick.
  • A system for teaching that naturally differentiates learning without extra work.

    You read that right. This method of teaching is engaging and levels the playing field for learning skills and strategies as a class that can then be applied to each student's individual reading and writing. 

When I first started teaching literacy this way, I couldn't believe how easy and effective it was! Each of my students received the same skill and strategy instruction [no more multiple plans] AND made incredible growth in both reading and writing. I just had to share that kind of success!

Lisa Burns,  Teacher Success Coach

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Everything I have received from Lisa has been a tremendous time saver!

- Erica, Second Grade Teacher


When I implemented Lisa's literacy methods in my classroom, not only did it provide me with more instructional time to teach the actual reading lessons, but it gave me a more thorough perspective on where my students stood in their understanding.

- Katie, First Grade Teacher


After working with Lisa and implementing her literacy methods and systems, all of my students had huge gains in their reading and writing abilities and confidence.

- Robin, Kindergarten Teacher


What’s Inside Literacy Success Lab 


Module 1

Quick Start

Get a clear picture of how to use the monthly materials effectively.   

Module Highlights:

  • A Day in the Life of Literacy Instruction
  • A Week in the Life of Literacy Instruction.
  • How to create a culture of readers and writers.
Module 2

The Foundation

Set a firm foundation regardless of grade level. Identify problems and help shore up students skills so they can move forward confidently.

Module Highlights:

  • Reading Basics
  • Writing Basics
  • The 5 Essential Phonemic Awareness Skills
Module 3

Monthly Literacy Plans for Grades K-2

This is your success path. Simple, "done for you" monthly literacy plans that flow from month to month. 

Module Highlights:

  • Monthly Literacy Instruction Plan
  • CCSS Standards
  • Mentor Text List and Supplemental Teaching Materials
  • A Monthly LIVE Training and Q&A

When you become a member during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Literacy Success Lab Membership
(A $35/Month Value)


  • Monthly Literacy Plan

    Your success path made simple. Take the guesswork out of what to teach next. Your monthly overall plan is done for you! You'll have access to all 3 grades, K-2.

  • Quick Start Module

    The complete system for how to teach each day, week and month. Simple to do and wildly effective.
  • Foundations Module

    Get clear on the essential skills students need to know and consistently do in order to succeed. 
  • Support Materials Library

    Filled with lists, support materials, organizational help and more to assist you in simplifying and enhancing your instruction.

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Stay Organized and Save Time


Bonus 1

Planning Guides Pack

Simplify your life and be the "together teacher" with these Beginning, End and Mid-Year Planning Guides.

(A $5 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Back-to-School Planning Guide
  • January Restart Guide
  • End-of-Year Checklist
Bonus 2

Mentor Text Blueprint

Find the perfect books to teach with and thoughtfully expand your instructional library to fit all your literacy teaching needs.

(A $10 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • How to Choose Mentor Texts Roadmap
  • Literacy Skills Teaching Ideas
  • Book Pairing Guide
Bonus 3

Student Writers Editing and Revising Checklists 

Help your students at every level in grade K-2 learn to revise and edit their writing. PLUS, This pack also includes checklists for peer revising and editing. 

(A $20 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 3 levels of checklists for grades K-2 in two different printable sizes.
  • Checklists for both revising and editing.
  • Peer revising and editing forms.

Here’s what you’re getting when you become a member today:

Literacy Success Lab - $420 Yearly Value

  • Planning Guides Pack - $5 Value
  • Mentor Text Guide - $10 Value
  • Student Writers Revising and Editing Checklists - $20 Value

Total Value: $35

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $455 for the year.

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm so sure you'e going to love this, you can try it for a full week with NO RISK.

You'll have time to lay the foundation and get a full week to try my time saving literacy planning. 

You'll have the knowledge and process to help struggling students get on track and to move your whole class forward together.

If you aren't completely satisfied, just cancel your subscription. 

Going forward, you are in control. Things come up in life and finances can change. I get it. You can always cancel your monthly membership at ANY time.

NOTE: You may only download one month of content during your 7 day trial. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Literacy Success Lab.

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Still thinking about it?

Literacy Success Lab is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You're in a new school, grade or just newer to teaching and you want to start with a solid plan and methods you can feel confident in.
  2. You're struggling to fit everything in during your literacy block and don't feel 100% confident that you're meeting your students' needs.
  3. You're willing to put in the work to help your students be more successful than ever. 
  4. You're already investing hours each week actively trying to plan and prep for your literacy teaching to meet all the needs.
  5. You are afraid your struggling students are only making minimal progress or worse, falling further behind.
  6. You're excited about simplifying your literacy teaching for more teaching time, better results and less stress.
  7. You're ready to take action and make a change to gain more time, sanity and fantastic growth for your students.

I can’t wait for you to join Literacy Success Lab

When I first started teaching literacy this way, I couldn't believe how easy and effective it was for all my students! Each of my students received the same skill and strategy instruction [no more multiple plans] AND made incredible growth in both reading and writing. I just have to share that kind of success!

If you are a primary teacher looking to simplify, save time, and help your students make exponential growth in reading and writing, you're in the right place!

Remember, with my guarantee you can try Literacy Success Lab risk-free for 2 weeks. Give yourself the gift of more time, less stress and amazing student growth.


Become a member of Literacy Success Lab Today!

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