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Why Paper Still Matters in Our Digital World

teaching May 31, 2017

My Secret Love for Paper

I have to admit in our world of "going paperless", I love paper. The textures, colors, ink and all of the possibilities make me want to create something beautiful for someone I care about. I can't live without it, and I know I am not alone.

With all of our push to go paperless, paper and related products sure are popular. Colored paper, patterned paper, washi tape, fancy markers and colored pencils, wall paper, heirloom paper ... We even have stores just for paper products. The Paper Source.The Paper Seahorse. The Papery. Paper Emporium. The list goes on.

Why? Is it just me or are we rebelling against the "tech revolution" just a little? Perhaps.

Actually, I have a theory about it.

You're surprised. I know. Stay with me here. All of our techie devices are great. I wouldn't get rid of my computer or iPhone any more than I would get rid of my washing machine. They have become that essential to me.

However, we are sensory beings.

My devices only deal with 2 of my 5 senses- sight and hearing. We miss out on 3 full sensory experiences in all of our online dealings. Our brains need, are built for, more.

Real paper satisfies our need to fully experience moments with a richer sensory experience than the virtual world can provide.

It is a fact that the sensory experience of writing notes down on paper helps people learn and remember better. Sight, sound, touch and smell all are involved. Children learn to read with a book to hold, the sound of pages turning, and the smell of paper and ink. It's a completely different experience than a virtual book.

Creating, crafting, canning, gardening, metalworking, woodworking, sewing and more.All of these lost arts are making a comeback in popularity. Why?

Well, think of a eCard vs. a paper card.

An online eCard is nice with all of the animation and sound. But, a card or note that was created just for us means we have value. To think that someone appreciated us so much that they took the time to make the card and hand wrote a note just for us brings us joy. Go ahead, just try to throw that one away after you read it. It's a work of art! We pin it on a pinboard (as in real, on your actual wall) and enjoy it a little longer!

The Need for Real

In creating and crafting with paper we reconnect with others, slow down and enjoy the small moments in our lives. Seriously. There are even coloring in coloring books for adults! We have a real need to be offline. Stress and discontentment are causing us to cry out for something real- not virtual.

A Full Sensory Experience

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy all of my electronics and have made some lovely friends online that I never would have meet if it weren't for the internet. But, there is a reason we have conferences for blog world. As human beings, we have a great need to connect, use our senses and meet face-to-face. We need to live for real in our neighborhood, with our families, coworkers and friends more than we live online.

Paper and paper crafting is one way to do that.

Go create something paperful!



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