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There's No Tired Like Teacher Tired

self-care Jun 13, 2018

Teacher tired is a real thing.

No one, except another teacher, can understand that kind of tired. Add in a family and suddenly, the teacher tired gets through the roof.

Teachers, I'm just going to say it.... You HAVE to take care of yourself! It's just not an option to keep putting yourself last. There is a reason the airlines tell us to put on own masks on first. You can't help anyone else if you can't breathe! Let's face it, we can't being our best selves when we don't take care of ourselves.

I know what you are going to say... you feel guilty about taking time for yourself when you have so much to do. Plus, you have parent guilt about not spending enough time with your family because you are always "working" on the stuff you bring home. You can't go on that way. Let me just point out one teeny, tiny thing... that Teacher Tired has a lot to do with lack of sleep, guilt,  and caretaker burnt out.

It's time to make a pact. Repeat after me...

I, (state your name), solemnly promise to take care of myself starting today. I give myself permission to take time every day to do one thing for myself. (Even 5 minutes counts, but I hope you give yourself more than that.) I am worthy and worthwhile. I will be a better teacher and a better parent if I care for myself FIRST. 

See? That wasn't so hard, was it?!

Here's the hard part. Now, you have to make plan and stick to it. 

What is it that helps you relax and rejuvenate? What do you love to do? Make a list of big things and small things like: a regular bedtime, taking a walk by your self, praying more, taking a bath, reading, coffee with a friend, a night out with your spouse, getting up 10 minutes early so you can have coffee and a few minutes alone, etc. Keep it handy and schedule time for YOU each day and week. Do small things daily and one bigger thing each weekend.

Now I promise if you take time for yourself, you'll: 

  • Be more productive at school.

  • Be more joyful at school.

  • Reduce your frustration at home and school.

  • Have more energy (and time) for your family.

Give it a try. Summer is the perfect time to start the self-care habit. You deserve it!

All my best,



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