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Summer Break: 5 Simple, Fun Ways to Become a Better Teacher

summer break teaching May 23, 2018

Here's the deal....

Be honest. Do you really ever turn off the "thinking about school" part of your brain? I don't. I think I will, but I don't. I'm always thinking and applying my personal experiences to my work. 

I can't help it. I love what I do! Teaching is not a job for me. It's my vocation. I am passionate making education fabulous for both teachers and students. But, we all need to take breaks or we'll get burned out.


Here are 5 simple (non teaching) things you can do this summer that will make you a better teacher. 

1. Take a break. No. I mean a REAL break. No school talk. No professional reading. No planning for at least a month.

2. Enjoy a hobby. Pursue your hobby, whatever it is, with passion. Get really good at it.  

3. Write. Write a book or poetry. Keep a personal or spiritual journal, field journal or write letters. Whatever. Just write every day. Think about your struggles as a writer. Note where you like to write and what your writing habits are. 

4. Read a lot. Read whatever salts your cracker. Notice what you do as you read. Think through how you read, what you think about and what makes it pleasurable. What habits do you have when you read? Where do you like to read? Think about what you don't like about reading or what frustrates you.

5. Try something new. Do something out of your comfort zone. Check off something on your bucket list or just try something intriguing.

Plan for it all now so you'll really do it. I can't wait to hear about your summer!

All my best,



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