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Planning for Planning Time

organization planning Apr 25, 2018

One of the hardest things to get done within the bounds of a busy school week is lesson planning. We all know it is so essential to have well-planned lessons. But, making time for all of this can sometimes seem overwhelming. 

Do you wind up planning late on Friday or over your weekends? Been there. There is a better way!

So how do you plan for weekly lesson planning?

  • Decide. What kind of planner are you? All at once or manageable chunks?

  • Schedule it. Block out time on your calendar for planning time.

  • Break your planning up by subject.

  • Plan one subject each day or plan the whole week in one sitting.

  • Schedule time on Friday to gather supplies for the next week.

  • Guard your time. Shut your door and post a sign- Do not Disturb... planning in progress.

Are you a marathoner or a sprinter?

Think. How do I get the most done? What will I stick with? Do I get in a zone and just go get it done? Or am I a do a bit each day and on a regular basis person?  Find the approach is sustainable for you. This is important. Is this a habit that will be repeatable for you? 

I say this because I am a bit of a rebel. Structure and I are not always good friends. If I make up may mind to do something, it will happen. If I want to do something repeatedly on a regular basis, I know I have to really see worthwhile benefits in order get myself to do that. Saving more time for my family on the weekends is what motivates me to stick to my planning schedule every week.

"A Little at a Time" Weekly Planning

  • Schedule time each day for planning.

  • Monday- LA

  • Tuesday- Social Studies

  • Wednesday- Science

  • Thursday- Math

  • Friday - Prep and gather supplies for your week.

"All at Once" Weekly Planning

  • Choose your day.

  • Schedule a larger block of time for planning each week.

  • Gather supplies and get busy.

  • Schedule time to prep and gather supplies for your week.

"All at Once" Monthly Planning

  • Week 1- LA

  • Week 2- Social Studies

  • Week 3- Science

  • Week 4- Math

  • Schedule time to prep and gather supplies.

Whatever it is that works for you, schedule it! That's the key. If it's not on the calendar or in the plan book, it won't happen!

Want a cute door sign for your planning time? I've go 4 of them for free here.

Teach joyfully,




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