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How to Make Pretty Classroom Labels for FREE

Make Your Own Cute Labels! FREE!

Ever wonder how all these teachers on TPT and Pinterest make their cute labels? Well, here you go- 10 easy steps. Never pay for labels again!

Step 1:

Go to Canva. It's free, but you'll need to sign up. This is a good thing because it will save your designs so you go back later and edit them. Note: You can opt for a paid subscription to get extra features, but I just use the free version.

Step 2:

At the top under Create a Design, click MORE. Choose the standard paper, A4.

Step 3:

On the left side, click Elements and then Shapes.

Step 4:

Choose the shape you want. There are plenty of free options, so I just use those. Once you choose a shape, resize it. Try out a few.

Step 5:

On the white bar at the top left, there should be a square or a couple of squares of color. Click on that to change the color. Click the + sign for custom colors. Some shapes have details you can click on to change their color as well- hence the different squares of color.

Step 6:

Once you get the shape and colors you want, go to the top bar and click Copy. Move each where you want them on your page. Make enough copies to fill your page with room to cut around them.

Step 7:

Next, go to the sidebar on the left and click Text, then click Add Heading. Move the text box to center it on one of your labels. Highlight the text, go to the top bar and choose a font, text color and size and type your desired text. Try out a few to see what you like. Repeat for each of your labels on the page.

For the chalkboard look, I used Cabin Sketch in white on a dark grey background with white details.

Step 8:

When you like your design, go to the top blue bar and click Download. You'll need to rename and save it to your computer.

Step 9:

If you want more labels, go back and edit the text on your labels as many times as you need to and download them.

Step 10:

Print your labels on card stock, cut out and laminate. I use velcro dots to attach them or clear duct tape.


You can layer shapes if you want or add pictures. There are additional, textured backgrounds. There are other elements- lines, grids, frames... You could go on and on. A word to the wise... I usually set a timer and go into Canva with a project to accomplish, so it doesn't eat up my life.

Happy labelling!

Teach joyfully,




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