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organiztion Apr 11, 2018

It all stared with... a baby.

Let me explain. Before having my own kids, staying organized and getting things done at school was easy because I had all the time in the world. I had no idea I wasn't a naturally organized person. Once I had my first child, it was a whole new ballgame! My time was no longer my own and my disorganized tendencies took over!

Suddenly, my classroom was a mess, and my home wasn't much better. I would take papers home to grade and carry them back to school ungraded. Then, I'd feel guilty for not getting it all done. But, I was falling asleep just looking at the papers each night. Talk about a hot mess!

I had to get organized and maximize my time at school so I could just be a mom at home.

Sound familiar?

I finally got fed up. It took 10 days, including an entire weekend, but I got things under control at school. Then, I sat down and created systems for everything. Seriously. I was on a mission. 

The result? A classroom that stayed (mostly) organized. Over the years, I have added to the process as I have learned tips and tricks from others and from my own trial and error. Now I can organize anything! Which is good because I have a family of 7!

What a relief it is to be organized.

Let's face it. It's pretty hard to get anything done when you're sitting in the middle of a mess. One of the biggest stumbling blocks teachers ask me for help with is organization and time management. There is no reason for you to have to live the organizational nightmare that so many teachers do. I want to help. So...

Get back on track. Kickstart you organization. 

Here's a (free) 3-Day Organizing Kickstarter series. In it I share 3 easy ways to get your classroom organization restarted and moving in the right direction. 3 days of step-by-step "do this piece today" instructions.

Learn how to:

  • Use scheduling to efficiently plan and use your time.

  • Deal with all the paper and daily messes.

  • Save time in lesson planning with batching.

Grab it here.

It's never too late to get organized. It's free. What have you got to lose?

I don't know about you, but I am not naturally organized. I have to choose to be organized every day. What I gain in productivity, peace of mind and free time makes the effort totally worth it!

Opt for organized. Try out some of my tips, tricks and systems for free here.

Teach joyfully,



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