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Instagram Inspiration Day

inspiration Jun 23, 2018

Today is inspiration day!

Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration and Pinterest works, but I actually love Instagram just as much. Here are a few creative souls on Instagram. While there are tons of other great teachers on Instagram, these are a few you might not have encountered. 


Chris does such a great job of showing what he is doing in science.


If you are looking for some great ideas for making science come alive, this is the place to be.


Jen's creativity, energy and ideas are fabulous! I especially love how she shares the inspiration she gets from others too!


So many great ideas for dealing with the "details". 


Susan has such a love of books and reading. I'm loving her book suggestions. If you message her, she'll give you a list of ideas for whatever you are teaching!


Her art ideas and lessons are worth checking out! She makes everything so easy, even for not so artsy people.


Courtney is all things literacy and organization. My kinda girl!


I'm loving her backpack tags for staying on top of things stress-free at dismissal time. 


Loving her creativity in keeping with her camping theme. 


Love her feed! So many great teaching and organization ideas.






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