Making Summer Guilt-Free with a Quick Plan for Back-to-School

organization scheduling May 30, 2018

My summer has begun! That's why I'm sitting here making a plan and setting goals for back-to-school prep and planning.

I can just hear you... "Planning for Back-to-School? Lisa, wait. We're just heading into June! Goals for back-to-school? I just got done with this year! What are you talking about? I'm going to soak up some rays and chill. I got it covered. No plan needed. Right?"

You Deserve a Break

YES! I'm all for a break - 100%. Actually, I insist that the teachers I work with commit to taking a long break over the summer. But at some point, prep for back-to-school has to begin. Start your summer with a quick plan for Back-to-School, so you can relax. Knowing where you are going to begin at the end of the summer will help make you less stressed and be super productive later.

You'll be the together teacher come fall if you do a plan now for what needs to get done at the end of your summer. Plus, you'll be able to relax, put school out of your mind for most of the summer knowing you're ready to jump right in when it's time to start planning + prepping for Back-to-School.

30 Minutes = Guilt Free Summer + Rock Star Teacher Status

30 minutes now will win you a stress-free, guilt-free summer. Get to it! Download your FREE printable Back-to-School Planning Guide.

May your summer be restful, joy-filled and fun. 

Teach joyfully,



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