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End the Year Like a Rockstar With These 3 Simple Routines

organization May 03, 2017

The Brain Dump

 Time: About 3 Minutes

When you get stressed out by how much there is to do, do a brain dump. Get a pad of paper. Start writing down everything you need to do or are trying to remember to do as fast as you can. All of it. Get it all out of your brain and on paper.

Schedule It

Time: About 10 Minutes

Now, take all of that stuff on your pad of paper and schedule a time to do it. If you have small tasks that can be grouped together, do it. Put it all of your calendar.

Note: Anything that is urgent, set aside and do it as soon as you are done with this step or put it on your schedule for later that day.

The 10 Minute Tidy

Time: 10 Minutes (You can do a 2 Minute Tidy if you are tight on time.)

Every day, do a 10 Minute Tidy or a 2 Minute Tidy. I like doing this at the end of the day. But, it can be done whenever you're feeling overwhelmed and things have gotten cluttered or disorganized. Your class can do this with you at the end of the day if you wish. I do this same routine at home with my family as well.

Set a timer and get busy. Start picking up, putting away and tidying up everything you can get your hands on as fast as you can until the timer rings. Then, just stop and walk away when the timer rings. You'll be amazed how rejuvenating this is. Clutter is stressful and having things picked up and orderly every day before you leave will reduce stress for both you and your students.You'll be more productive and happier. It will make getting your classroom ready for summer so much easier as well.

Get to it. There's no time to waste. The year-end countdown has begun!

Teach joyfully,



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