Does Lesson Planning Get You Down?

teaching Aug 22, 2019

Have you ever struggled with planning out your year in Language Arts? Well, today's your lucky day because I'm giving my entire Language Arts program a makeover this year (in my spare time).  :D

Information Overload

You see, I'm always learning new techniques and finding great ideas that I want to incorporate into the whole. For awhile this year I was on information overload, so I just let it all sit and marinate. But now,, I'm ready to tackle it all, add in the best of the best and toss the rest.⁠ 

Here's my process:⁠
First I, gather all my resources - teaching books, articles, saved notes and thoughts in you teacher journals, mentor texts... I sort them by what they deal with (reading, writing, vocabulary...) and how I plan to use them.  ⁠
Second, I map out a framework of what I want things to look and how I want them to flow when I'm done. I start with the end in mind. ⁠Where do I want my students at the end of the year? What do I want them to be capable of?

Third, I pull one resource at a time and add the parts I plan to use into my framework wherever they fit best.⁠ I don't use whole books or systems because none of them ever address all I want to accomplish. I pick the best of each and move on.

 Fourth, I refine it all, make sure the order makes sense, standards are correct and all of the resources I'll need to gather or make are listed.⁠
 Fifth, I set aside TIME on my calendar to work on any materials that need to be created or adjusted. 
And last but DEFINITELY not least,
I create checklists for each unit or month so I can prep supplies and teaching materials in advance quickly and easily all year long.⁠ I know... I'm a teacher nerd and an organization freak but it works for me. :D
Help me out.
I'm always looking for more strategies for students. So tell me...what are your favorite strategies to help students become readers or writers?⁠

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