Decide: A Growth Mindset Life Lesson


"How could she?! It's so wrong and unfair! My life is ruined!" I wailed.

"Hold on! Take a breath. I realize Sarah betrayed you. What she did was wrong and just plain awful. You need to give yourself time to find perspective. Take one day for your pity party. Whoop it up. Wallow in it if you need to," my wise mother sympathized. "Then, tomorrow I'll help you decide."

"What?! Decide on what?" I asked.

"Tomorrow. We'll talk tomorrow," she replied. "Go have your pity party."

The next day my mother sat me down and said, "It's decision day. You'll need to decide- Who are you going to be? How will this event change you, and who do you you want to be because of it? Make a conscious decision about who you'll be starting today and going forward."

"Why? I'm still mad and sad and....."

"You can still be sad and upset. However, you're not going to let that become who you are. If you don't decide for yourself who you are going to be going forward, your emotions and others would decide for you. Others will decide who they think you should be and treat you accordingly," my mother warned. "In addition, your emotions will run rampant and take over your outlook on life. Take control," she instructed. "Decide, and then act accordingly. No exceptions!"

What a powerful life lesson that was. This was a growth mindset lesson in action. I'll be forever grateful.

Flex your growth mindset muscles today. Who are you going to be?

Teach joyfully,


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