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8 Tips for Better Classroom Management

classroom management Apr 11, 2019

Someone once told me...

The answer is always simple. It may not be easy to implement, but the answer itself is simple.

Classroom management is like that. It's also the one thing that can make or break your school year.

When we're at university, we spend a lot of time learning how and what to teach. We also learn about laws, theory and all kinds of minutia. Classroom management is taught, but it's such a hard thing to grasp until you're faced with an entire class on your own.

Your Classroom, Your rules

When you get to make up the rules, begin the year any way you want and every decision rests firmly on your shoulders, classroom management is an entirely different animal. It seems so simple. You have rules and consequences and the students fall into line, right?! 

Nothing could be further from the truth. There will always be those students who are natural "rule followers" and "pleasers". On the other hand, there's always those who have to push the envelope, nudge your boundaries or plan old stomp on them. 

Here's what you didn't hear is your college classes (or were too overwhelmed to truly understand it).

  • Set your boundaries. 
  • Know your non-negotiables. What is never ok?
  • Keep your expectations (rules) and consequences simple.
  • Choose one system that fits you and stick to it.
  • Get rid of the rewards systems.
  • Be mentally prepared to be CONSISTENT. Every day. Every hour. Every minute.
  • Calm things down. Quit hovering and pacing. Edit your walls. The calmer you and your classroom environment are, the calmer your students will be.
  • Have a Power Phrase ready to quickly respond to misbehavior, keep you calm and give you time to process how you're going to handle the situation.

Want a bit of help? Grab my [free] Power Phrase Worksheet here. It's game changer!

No matter where you are in the school year, it's NEVER too late to get your class back on track. You've got this!



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