3 Easy, Fun Father's Day Gifts

teaching May 16, 2019

I'm always on the hunt for easy gifts students can make. 

Dads get shafted a bit sometimes when school gets out before Father's Day. Help your students prep a gift now, so they'll be ready in June even if school gets out before then. 

Here's 3 fun gifts your students can make for Father's Day.


This one is an app. You can get it on your tablet (or phone) for students to use. It costs just $2.99. First, have students prepare a list of 5-10 words they want to use to describe themselves or they can choose words to use as a hidden message for their dad. Snap a picture of the student with the tablet (or phone). Next, have the student tap on the T to enter their words. Then, they can tap the Style button to choose the look they want. Once they're done, the pic can be sent to a printer. Create a frame with construction paper and it's done!

Token Card

Print the card pages (back to back) and the token sheet on card stock. Students create a card with slots to place the tokens. Cut the slots. Decorate the card. Students cut out 6 tokens and decorate them on one side. On the other side they can write a favor they are willing to do for their dad. Slide the finished tokens into the slots on the card. Dad can cash in his tokens for the favors listed on each one. You can grab the [free] templates here.

Paint Rocks

Rock painting never gets old. It's easy, lots of fun and they make great paperweights. Flat rocks are best. Students can do one medium sized rock or several small ones that go together. Print a word on each one to make a message or paint them to create one whole design when put together.





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