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Perfection, Social Media and The Teacher Next Door

self-care teaching Oct 18, 2017

Keeping up with the teacher next door (or our Pinterest Pals) is an impossible task. But, we still try. What is it about all that perfection that is so alluring, even when we know it's not realistic?

Ok, this will date me, but I just have to share this perfect example of perceived perfection. I remember watching The Jetsons's cartoon on TV when I was young. There was this one episode where Jane Jetson gets a phone call on the video phone early in the morning. She quickly grabs her "morning mask", literally a mask that she places in front of her face before answering the call from her friend. The mask looks like her all done up and hides her real "just rolled out of bed making the kids lunches" face. Once the call is done, she puts the mask away and goes back to her morning with her friend none the wiser. 

Let's face it, everyone wears masks. We just don't always know what the masks others are wearing are and what's real.

Well, it's time to put our blinders on. 

Quit worrying about what the teacher next door or on Pinterest or Instagram “looks” like he/she is doing.  We all know that just because things look great on the outside doesn’t mean they are great. There’s a lot of hype out there and a lot of putting on our best face for others observing us. You know it’s true. Trust me. For all of the perfection that is put out there, there are tasks that that are not getting done because every yes, is also a no. Yes to this, is no to that simply because there is only so much time in a day. 

So, quit putting pressure on yourself because of what you think others are doing. Just quit.

Stay focused on your goal: the end of the year and what you want your students to have accomplished by then. Break it into manageable milestones and then micro tasks to get to the milestones. And get busy teaching to the best of your ability.

Don’t hold back. Expose your struggles a bit. Let your students and fellow teachers see your failures and how you deal with them. I think you'll be surprised how relatable you'll become because all of those around you are struggling in their own ways too. They'll probably be relieved to know they aren't alone.

Worry about the important stuff.

Teaching to the best of your ability. Being the best version of you every day. Be kind. Be a servant, not a boss. Do things the right way. Do the right thing. Live and teach with no regrets. Make mistakes and try again. Most of all, take off your mask. Trust me. It's liberating.


Teach joyfully,



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