#074: How to Teach Your Students to Use Text Evidence

teaching reading Dec 16, 2021

Using text evidence is a skill all students should have. How often do your students answer a question about a character, the setting or something about a text and they don’t know why or how they came to that conclusion? Or... your students answer a question vaguely without any specifics or text evidence? Perhaps you have students who simply have no idea what to say and don’t know where to begin to figure it out?


"In order to let people know we aren’t making stuff up, we should use Explicit Textual Evidence to support our opinions or answers." - unknown

Using evidence when commenting or answering a question about a text is an important skill not only for comprehension of school topics but for life too. Our students need to be able to THINK and give their reasoning for their conclusions. We don’t want them running on impressions, emotions, what others say or tell them, or just throwing things out there and hoping it sticks…So today, I’m giving you the why and the how you’ll need in order to teach your students to be able to find and effectively use evidence from a text in their answers.

Listen in.

Find out the WHY or benefits of using text evidence. For example, learning to use text evidence helps students gain:
  •  the ability to prove their thinking isn't random and support their ideas.
  • control over the text [any text] they are reading
  • the ability to apply knowledge to their reading and transfer knowledge from their reading to other areas of their learning.
  • confidence. Students love being story detectives and finding evidence to prove their thinking.
  • improved memory and retention – when we think deeper, we remember better – long-term memory
  • a deeper understanding – superficial and forgettable to understood and remembered
  • growth in their critical thinking skills – the more you use them….the easier it gets…the more you can add on to your skillset.
Listen to the full episode to find out:
  • What is analyzing a text?
  • Why should you analyze a text with your students?
  • How evidence from a text gives a deeper understanding and comprehension of the text.
  • Some sentence frames or stems to help students frame their answers using textual evidence.
  • Why good readers use evidence from the text to support their thinking. 
  • What kinds of text evidence there are.
  • How to teach your students to be story detectives.
  • Great picture books you can use to get started.
Listen in to this episode for all the goodness [and don't forget to grab the free booklist].

 I can't wait for you to get started!

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