#031: Your January Back-to-School Success Plan

organization Dec 10, 2020


I know it's December and you're working hard to finish strong, but have you even thought about how to successfully restart school with your class again in January? January success doesn't just happen all on it's own!

Raise your hand if you stress out over school at the end of your Christmas Break. Well let me share a crazy idea... We all know it's coming - the January Back-to-School craziness. Let's prepare for it now, so you can enjoy a true break. That's crazy talk, right?! No, it's your new normal.

In this episode, I'm sharing my January back-to-school success plan.  With just a small investment of time now, you can relax, enjoy your break AND be ready for the January back-to-school madness. Listen in here.

In this episode, find out:
  • Why you don't have to make yourself nuts at the end of December.
  • The details of my plan.
  • How simple it is to get started.
  • Why you need to think bigger than just lesson plans for January.

You might think I'm crazy now. But if you do this, you'll be thanking me over New Years when you're already ready for school to start up again and enjoying the last of your break in peace. [Grab a FREE copy of the plan below]. 

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You can listen to this episode here.

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