#025: How to Teach K-5 Students to Use Text Evidence as They Read

literacy teaching Sep 17, 2020
Learning to use the evidence in a text to understand the text in a deeper way is an essential skill that all students K-5 can learn at their own level.


I know that is a bold statement, but I'm not afraid to be bold when I know I'm right. Textual analysis is something I have successfully taught at every grade level, so I know it can be done in simple, do-able ways.

Analyzing a text for better comprehension and to use evidence when talking about their reading is something I have taught even kindergarteners. Yes, you read that right. I know that seems really huge, even in 5th grade much less in kindergarten. But in the elementary grades it's not only something your students can do, it's not something we can ignore. And... it can be done orally during your read aloud. Listen in to find out how.

I think using evidence is a really important skill. Learning to look for and use evidence from their reading sets kids up for success in the upper elementary grades and on into middle school and high school. It is not beyond the realm of their ability.

Not only can your students do it, they love doing it! Honestly, they love being detectives, and that's all this is. Start by talking about being a story detective. I have the students analyze the story with evidence just like a detective would use clues to a mystery.  It's fun. 

Here's how to get started.

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Here's a peek at what's inside this episode:
  • What is analyzing a text or textual analysis?
  • Why should you analyze the text?
  • How it gives deeper understanding and comprehension of what it is that we're reading.
  • What the two kinds of evidence in a text are.
  • What is a story detective?
  • How to teach your students to be a story detective.
  • Great picture books you can use to get started.

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