The Organized Classroom: Get Organized and Stay Organized

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Overwhelmed? Buried in paper and "To Dos"? Been there.

I don't know about you, but for me, physical clutter is brain clutter. It's hard to think straight and be productive in a disorganized space. Disorganization is stressful, and we can all use a little stress relief.

In this course, I will walk beside you step-by-step in organizing your classroom. Whether you are looking for a fresh start, moved classrooms or are a brand new teacher, you can have lasting organization.

With my simple system, I'll help you get your room in shape in just 10 days. In addition, you'll create simple systems to help you keep your room in shape for the long haul.

You can do this!

Here's waht one of my students has to say about The Organized Classroom...

The "Organized Classroom" has given me a restored hope and sense of freedom within my classroom that I've been missing.

As new teachers starting out, you're told to save EVERYTHING due to limited resources/teacher budget, etc. As a result, I felt like a hoarder, not using 99% of materials; and completely overwhelmed by all of it. I never realized how much the visual clutter was cluttering my mind!

Implementing the organized classroom let me know that it is OK to let go of materials that are outdated and unused, streamlined my decor and gave me back control of my time.

The "Organized Classroom" broke organization down into easy to implement pieces, and the workbook supported each module perfectly. I'd highly recommend this program for all teachers who need to take back their classrooms and their time! 

Katie M.


Course Curriculum


  •  Preview Introduction
    Welcome to The Organized Classroom! (7:11)
  •  Course Workbook

Module 1: Getting Started

  •  Day 1: The Brian Drain (6:02)
  •  Day 2: Home Sweet Home (8:02)

Module 2: The Structure

  •  Day 3: Zone Out (8:48)
  •  Day 4: Creating Structure (7:28)
  •  Day 5: Flex Your Muscles (3:51)
  •  Day 6: The Teacher Zone (4:45)

Module 3: Posh + Polish

  •  Day 7: What's Your Style? (10:31)
  •  Day 8: Label It! (4:17)
  •  Day 9: Post Directions (4:08)
  •         9.1: Adjust, Adjust, Adjust (1:21)

Module 4: Keeping the Boat Afloat

  •  Day 10: The Inbox (10:47)
  •        10.1: Maintaining Order (4:58)

Bonus Material

  •  Bonus: The Members Only Facebook Community (1:50)
  •  Bonus: Conquering Your Email Inbox (5:19)