Happy Clients


Helping teachers shine would be how I would describe what Lisa does. Her passion for teaching and helping teachers become their best selves inspires both teachers and students to strive for more.
— Lisa S.

 As a teacher new to primary grades, I was the blind leading the blind. Sure I had experience teaching older students, excitement and creativity, but I lacked experience with young learners. Under Lisa's direction, I was able to establish organization and routines that worked for my young students freeing me up to just teach.

— T.D.



After conferencing with me and observing my class, Lisa constructed a realistic plan to move me and my class forward. She helped me reorganize, create a workable schedule and taught me more effective teaching methods. She taught, observed, modeled, coached, tweaked and embodied all she asked me to do in my own classroom.

Using her methods, I was able to bring 98% of students in my class to read and write above grade level standards by the end of the year. 

— Robin


Lisa has been my "go to" teaching support for years. Whenever I need some direction with a difficult class, new way to approach a concept or subject or just confirmation that I am on the right track, she has been just a coaching call away.

Teaching will always be a complex profession. Lisa's insight and coaching makes the path clear.

— Pam