Personal Coaching services starting at $25.




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Personal Instructional coaching

$25/half hour — Get personalized help right when you need it. Reduce stress and hone your skills. 


Variable Rate — Working together, we'll create an inservice that is tailored to your school's needs. Your teachers will be able to hit the ground running the next day with practical, effective strategies. Call or email for a FREE initial consultation and quote.

Team Trainings

Variable Rate — Need something smaller, more targeted? Team trainings are the answer.  I'll work with you to create a training to meet your team's goals with group sessions, modeling and individual coaching. Call or email for a FREE initial consultation and quote.

School or District Workshops

Variable Rate — Ready to go big? This is for you. Whole school or multi-school workshops targeted to a grade level, subject or topic are cost effective and bring results. Teachers walk away with materials and strategies they can implement immediately in their classrooms. Call or email for a FREE initial consultation and quote.


The Organized Classroom

(coming soon)

Course Only: $100 — Get your classroom organized once and for all! Learn the basics of space planning, flow and function. No more searching for materials, stacks of "to dos" and overloaded storage. Have everything you need easy to find and at your fingertips. Say good-bye to the messy, disorganized classroom. Efficient, functional and beautiful.

Course + 1 Hour Coaching Call: $150 — Get this course and all the printable checklists and guides plus 1 hour of personal coaching.

BAck-to-School Quickstart

(coming soon)


FREE — 10 Day Email Course to help you get prepped and ready for school to start. 

Paper chasers

(coming soon)

Course: $50 — In this online course, I will teach you easy techniques so you can dig out of the mound of paper you are buried under and win the daily paper battle.

Course + 1 Hour coaching Call: $ 100 — Get this online course and all the printable checklists and guides Plus 1 hour of personal coaching for your specific areas of need.

Schedule It

(coming soon)

Guide: FREE — This free guide will help you learn scheduling basics. 

Mini Course: $25 — Video course to assist you in learning efficient scheduling. Comes with all of the handouts and printable schedules you will need for this easy system.