Would You Want to See the Future? I Don't.

Oh, to see into the future...

Actually, I don't ever really want to see the future. I have to admit, I like the anticipation and the surprise each day brings.

Sometimes I would like to know that a tough situation is going to be ok.
But, that is not really the same as seeing the future. It's more along the lines of ordering up the ending that I want in life. Choosing your own adventure (or future) is unfortunately impossible.


Our God is not Santa.

He doesn't take orders like McDonalds. We can't always have things "our way" like at Burger King. In short, there are no shortcuts to the future. We have to just live each moment to the fullest and best of our ability at the time. Making choices as best we can to head in the direction we hope to go. As life happens and unexpected storms come, we adjust our sails and keep going.

Oh well. I did say I like surprises (most of the time).


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