Truth: A Five Minute Friday Post


Today's Word: Truth

A Five Minute Friday Post

Truth: A five Minute Friday Post


What is truth?

It's interesting that that is even a question these days. Right?!

As an educator, I have seen the truth in many schools (even religious ones) relegated to a corner.

Whose truth is it anyway?

What has taken the place of real, absolute truth? Your truth and my truth and whatever someone wants to make up as "their truth". Students are often asked to "construct their own truth" which is very different from "find the truth". I agree that with some things like feelings- the truth is different for you and me. What I feel about something is different that what someone else feels.

But when it come to most things, the truth is the truth. We really know deep down that is true and what is not. It's more a matter of do we want to accept it, or not? That is the real question.

Accepting the truth is liberating. Go for it!


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