Summer Fun: Rate Your Parks

Summer Fun

Looking for some summer fun to send home with your students or to use with your own kids? Here's a fun activity for families.

Summer Fun! Send home some fun for the summer with this Rate Your Parks printable! Or use it with your own kids!

Rate Your Parks

One summer when my kids were all still young, we got the neighbors together and made a plan. Twice a week, we committed to a park day. We mapped out all the parks in a 15 mile area and assigned each a day and time on the calendar.

Then, I created a park rating sheet. Each child got a copy. As we visited parks, each child went home and rated them on various criteria.

At the end of the summer, we had everyone rank all the parks. I gathered the results. The park that won overall got a last visit from us all to celebrate with a picnic! Yippee!

Get your FREE Rating Sheet here! 

If you try it out with your own kids, post your results below.

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