Stay Organized with End of Year Support

Staying Organized and Getting It All Done

On time?! You bet! It's all about checklists and routines.

All right, my teacher friends. It's the end of the year. Help! I hear this from teachers every year. Don't let this be you! You can have a different kind of year end. Start with my End of Year Checklist.  Grab it here.

this FREE End of Year Checklist is just what you need to stay organized.

Create lists (or get them from your school office if your school provides them) for the following:

Repairs/Equipment Requests

Supply Orders

Book Orders

Electronics Check-in

Personal Classroom Purchases

Get Busy!

Print the End of Year checklist you grabbed and get started. I suggest a few supplies on the form: checklists, painter's mask, Sharpie, labels, pen, trash bags, file folders and 3 bins (Supply Bin, Parts Bin and Back-to-School Bin).

Work your way through the checklist in any order you wish. Start now. It's a big job and there are things that can get down now bit by bit that will make the last few days of school a breeze.

And finally, thank you notes made easy.

Take the time to write a note to each student wishing them a great summer and a fabulous year next year. Mention what you've enjoyed about having them in class this year and offer them encouragement for the coming year. Leave room for a "P.S. Thank You" message on each in case they give you a gift. Then, you can add the thank you quickly on the last day and give it to them to take home. Thank Yous- Check!

Good luck!

Teach joyfully,


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