Sight Word Blitz: Sight Word Success Made Easy

To teach sight words or not to teach? That is the question.

Teaching sight words used to be a given in schools. Now, there seems to be some controversy over should we or should we not directly teach sight words. Based on years of personal experience, I say teach sight words. Let's face it. Our goal is for all students to become lifelong readers. We need to give our students as many tools as we can to help them feel successful.


Keep it low stress.

Take care. Making sight word instruction another chore is stressful for everyone. We know stress inhibits our brain's memory system. The more stressful we make learning, the less students remember. So...

Sight Words are easy to learn with this simple system. Increase fluency and confidence every week.

How do you teach sight words?

Sight Word Blitz is an easy system. Once I used it with my students, I realized it was a game changer. Students' sight word recognition and fluency soared after only 2 weeks! Amazing! There aren't many things we teach in school that have such fast results.


Fry or Dolch?

Using the Fry Words with the original Dolch learning system makes all the difference. Give it a try! Sign up here for the FREE instructions, printable word cards and access to a demonstration video. You'll be up and running tomorrow!

Get to it, missy!

Teach joyfully,


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