Expect: Being Prepared While Expecting the Best

It's Five Minute Friday! Here we go...


Expect good in every day.

Expecting can mean so many things.

I am typically a rose colored glasses kind of a girl though. So, I usually expect things to work out ok. I expect the day to be good overall. That doesn't mean I expect life to be perfect and am not realistic about life. I am. I just choose to see the good in all things. There is a blessing in there somewhere almost all of the time.


Savor it.

Even as I expect good things, I do try to live like each day could be my last. I hug my kids every morning (even when those pesky teens don't want me to). I tell them I don't ever want them to have regrets. "Don't ever feel bad if we parted on a bad note. Just in case something bad happens, know you are always loved and always forgiven." Those are good expectations. Expecting to be loved and expecting to be forgiven.


Life will never be perfect.

Like most people, I've certainly had some hard years in my life. Perhaps those were the years I learned to savor each good moment and hang on through the rest. But, there was great good that came from those trials later on. Good that I did not expect at the time. Now I know. Don't underestimate the power of good to come through. Expect it.


Savor today,

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