Blessings: Finding the Silver Lining


Five Minute Friday: Blessing

So often we find ourselves being knocked around in life. It's the nature of this world. Nothing is perfect and it will never be until we reach our true home in heaven. But, blessings abound if we can just take a minute to breathe and look beyond whatever troubles we are in the middle of.


Every day is a blessing.

I get up each day and try to remember to thank God for giving me another day. He has never promised a set a number of days. I am grateful for the blessing of each day, no matter how easy or hard that day may be.

Having lived through some very tough things in life, I try to remember to be grateful for every little blessing- life, family, friends, work I love doing, a home to clean when many have none...


Being a blessing.

Additionally, I try to be a blessing to all those I meet. It's not easy. Some days I do a good job of it and other days, not so much. But, I try. I always receive more than I give when I work to be a blessing to others. Funny how that happens- like a boomerang.

Yes, blessings abound if we will only open our eyes and hearts to them.


Counting my blessings,


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