Making Progress: Reaching Your Teacher Goals

Making Progress: Reaching Your Teacher Goals

In order to continue to refine our craft, we must set goals and work toward them. Here's a few examples.

1. Every 60-90 Days Create a Focus Area

2. Create 3-5 Specific Micro Tasks (action steps) within that Focus Area                              

3. Get to it. Start working on a micro task. Put them on your calendar if you need to.

Example 1:

Getting Better at Growth Mindset

- Letting students fail. What will I do to not rescue students from mistakes they need to make?

- Helping students find their mistakes and expecting them to fix them.

What does this look like? Sound like? Feel like? Write out a possible scenario.

- Supporting students with trying again. What will I say? How will I act? What does this look like? Sound like? Feel like?

- Practice. Refine. Practice again.

Your words matter. Choose them carefully.
Your words matter. Choose them carefully.

Example 2:

Using Choice Words Effectively for Student Growth + Motivation

- Write out who I want to be as a person and sound like as a teacher.

- Write out my vision for what students walk away with from my class (cared about, worthwhile, capable, believed in, tough, resilient, empowered...).

- Write out words and phrases I use that are not helpful- I'm working on replacing.

- Make a list of words and phrases that I think will help us move toward to the goal- what effect do I think they will have?

- Write out a few (3-5) statements that fit common situations using the  words I want to start using and practice them.

Or, maybe your focus is to expand your reach and help other teachers with something you already do well.

Example 3:

Sharing My Best Lesson Plans (and making a little money too)

- Sign up for TpT- Teacher Pay Teachers

Each week:

- Check out what other teachers are offering and think about what you do that is different, easier or better.

-Refine 2 Lesson Plans in One Subject Area and Topic

- Create Support Material to Make a Packet

- Upload to TpT

- Post about it on social media. (Yay! I put my first packet on TpT. Check it out.) or Pin It on Pinterest.

You've got all summer to think about it. Let it sit in your brain for a bit. Your first focus area will come to you when you least expect it.

Teach joyfully,


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