3 Essential Reads for Educators: An Unorthodox List

3 Essential Reads for Educators: An Unorthodox List


by Dave Ramsey

You're going to say... What?! That's a business book. What does that have to do with teaching? 

And I'll say... Everything.

This book talks about how to build a team and a business. Education is both a public service and a business whether we want to admit it or not. As teachers, we work as both teammates and as entrepreneurs every day in our classrooms. When we get over ourselves enough to admit we need to think more like business professionals, we will start to find the true path to transforming classrooms, schools and education overall. Just read it with education in mind. You'll be surprised and inspired.


Man's Search for Meaning

by Viktor Frankl

In education, the latests hot buzz words are grit and growth mindset. This book has been around a lot longer than our silly words. It's about a lot more than grit or growth mindset. It has to do with survival, transformation and how finding meaning is more motivating than anything else. It will put life into perspective and give you a clearer vision of what we all want for our students - to live meaningful lives.


The Barefoot Spirit

by Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey

Hope. Lots of great lessons on how to be flexible, humble, roll with the punches and to think and look at the system differently. The founders of Barefoot wines learn use what they have been given, work within a poorly structured, crazy system, get the job done well, have fun with it and get it done in a new, more effective way on a nonexistent budget. Sound familiar? 


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