Lisa Burns, Instructional Coach

Here at HOPE we are committed to providing outstanding teacher instruction, proven solutions for real classrooms and innovative approaches in education.


I'm passionate about helping teachers bring excellence and joy to their classrooms every day and for bringing outstanding education to all students.

As an experienced educator and a mom of 5 kids, my perspective on education is grounded in what really works in the trenches.


Mrs. Burns started her teaching career in 1989. She has worked as an educator from coast to coast. Lisa knows from experience that excellence is possible whether in urban schools with many immigrants and large class sizes to new, suburban schools and smaller class sizes. From public to private and homeschooling as well, Mrs. Burns has experience in many educational systems.

Lisa began training and coaching teachers in her roles as a Student Achievement Specialist, a Building Resource Teacher and Instructional Coach.  Mrs. Burns realized the power of coming along side teachers to help them master their craft. The proof is in the results. Students excelled and exceeded expectations as the teachers honed their skills.

The most impactful way to improve schools and the quality of education and reduce teacher stress is training teachers to master their craft. This requires supporting, modeling and mentoring. There is a great need for planned, ongoing continuing education and hands on coaching for teachers. Teachers need support to grow and master their craft. That's where H.O.P.E. begins.

Let's journey together!

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