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Sight Word Blitz: Sight Word Success Made Easy

By Lisa Burns | March 22, 2017

To teach sight words or not to teach? That is the question. Teaching sight words used to be a given in schools. Now, there seems to be some controversy over should we or should we not directly teach sight words. Based on years of personal experience, I say teach sight words. Let’s face it. Our goal…

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I Love Reading: Teaching Success

By Lisa Burns | March 15, 2017

“Turn the light out! Put the book away! Do I need to confiscate that book?!” You’d think I was crazy to say those things every night to my kids. Right?! I’m not. This happens regularly in my house. Why? Because my kids are readers. If reading can be so pleasurable, what is it about teaching…

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HOPE: Sharing the Load

By Lisa Burns | March 8, 2017

HOPE Have you ever thought to ask your students or colleagues what burdens you can help them carry? We all have burdens. We are hunched over with the effort to carry them. God asks to help us carry our burdens. “Come to me, all you who are weary. For my burden is easy and my yoke…

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I Am More Than My Flaws

By Lisa Burns | March 1, 2017

  A Flaw: Tragedy I got up one morning last week and saw I had a pimple on my chin. What?! I am too old for this was all I could think. I was indignant and upset. Feeling unsettled, I spent a bit of time trying to hide it with makeup and started my day.…

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How To Make Pretty Classroom Labels for FREE

By Lisa Burns | February 22, 2017

Make Your Own Cute Labels! FREE! Ever wonder how all these teachers on TPT and Pinterest make their cute labels? Well, here you go- 10 easy steps. Never pay for labels again!   Step 1: Go to Canva. It’s free, but you’ll need to sign up. This is a good thing because it will save…

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Targeted Reading Instruction: How to Teach Reading Strategies

By Lisa Burns | February 15, 2017

Teaching Reading Strategies with Targeted Reading Instruction Teaching Reading Strategies is harder than it looks. It always seems so easy when you look at all the worksheets on strategies. Unfortunately, it is impossible to effectively teach reading strategies through worksheets. Let’s face it, skills taught in isolation remain in isolation. As Nancie Atwell said, ” A…

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The Power of Targeted Reading Instruction: What to Teach

By Lisa Burns | February 8, 2017

” Jay sc- scr-am-ble-d, scrambled, Jay scrambled out of the way,” read Alex. “Wow, you worked hard on that word and quickly reread to check! Does scrambled make sense?” “Yes.” “Does it look right?” “Yes.” “Does it sound right?” “Yes.” “Keep up the hard work.” Great Reading Instruction Making the time to sit with readers,…

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Making Time for Self-Care: The Care and Feeding of a Teacher

By Lisa Burns | February 1, 2017

11 Self-Care Tips for Teachers 1. Use Your Sick/Personal Days A mental health day is a justifiable sick day. Better to have a mental health day than to be sick for days because you wore yourself out. Look at the calendar and see when your longest stretches are without a break (no Monday off or other holiday).…

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Teacher Burnout: 10 Great Reasons for Self-Care

By Lisa Burns | January 27, 2017

Hey! I’m needing some time for self-care here, people. You can’t imagine even saying that, right?! We’re back in the swing of things at schools around the country.  Standardized testing is coming up. Grading is piling up, already. Our houses are a mess.  Meetings, planning for next year, appointments, more meetings, baseball practice… Feeling stressed?…

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The 7 Tool Teacher: Teaching Essentials

By Lisa Burns | January 12, 2017

  7 Tools Every Teacher Needs You know that teacher down the hall? The one whose students make more than a year’s growth every year? Yeah. That one. You can be that teacher. To begin, there are certain teaching tools every teacher needs to develop in order to become a teacher with those mad skills (I mean…

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